Order of Poker hands-learn how to navigate the cards

Order of Poker hands and best combinations

Fans of a gambling card game at Poker have the opportunity to often meet with a variety of types of this entertainment, and accordingly must be able to choose the appropriate order of Poker hands. The popular Texas Holdem uses traditional high Poker rankings, so if a player is just starting to get acquainted with the game and at first he always has to peek at the table with combinations, then later everything will remain in the person’s head and he will be able to instantly evaluate hands without a cheat sheet.

poker hands

For better and faster memorization, experts advise you to carefully study the rules and follow the broadcasts of live tournaments in casino.

All the key Poker order of hands here are the basis of the basics, because without the ability to quickly evaluate the combination, the players are doomed to constant failure and loss of their hard-earned money. The goal of the game is to collect a stronger hand than the opponents, or by using the appropriate strategy to force the opponent to fold. Therefore, before you begin to seriously practice entertainment, you need to work a little. Moreover, everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance.

Traditional order of Poker hands

The value of each order of hands in Poker depends on the frequency of distribution of a particular combination. Most often, card combinations handed out to players are always rated lower than those hands that come across less often. A complete list of Poker hands, in order from highest to lowest in value, is as follows:

  1. The Royal Flush combination, consisting of five cards of the same suit from 10 to Ace, is considered to be the strongest here. The suit does not matter.
  2. The next most expensive is Straight Flush, which consists of five consecutive cards of the same suit. The winner is the one with the highest card higher in rank.
  3. Next in order of Poker hands is Four Of a King, containing four cards of the same rank. The combination with the highest ranked cards wins.
  4. The Full House combination is different in that it contains three cards of the same rank and plus a pair. The strength here is determined by the rank of three cards.
  5. If a player has collected five cards in any order, but of the same suit, then such a hand is called Flush. Of the two players with this combination, the one with the highest card will win.
  6. Straight combination contains five consecutive cards with different suits and here the winner is determined by the highest card.
  7. Three cards of the same rank and two kickers make up Three Of a King. Here, the value determines the high rank of three identical cards, and if several identical triples are collected, then the combination with the highest kicker wins.
  8. And the following combinations close the rating: Two-Pair, One-Pair and High-Card.

You can strengthen your memory well by participating in games, or simply by watching interesting world tournaments.

Best order of Poker hands

After learning the rules for ranking Poker combinations, you need to proceed to consider the order of winning Poker hands before the flop. The value of the initial cards depends on the bet structure and other factors. Here are the best hands possible:

  • A pair of Aces or Kings can be obtained once in 110 hands, so entering the game with these premium cards is considered a great success;
  • By the next group, by value, we can include the assorted pairs of Queens and Jacks, as well as Ace and King of the same suit;
  • With a pair of 10, King and Ace of different suits, as well as Ace and Queen, Ace and Jack and King and Queen of the same suit, you can also safely raise preflop bets.

Do not constantly discard cards in anticipation of a better combination. It is necessary to use starting hands more often and success will surely come.