GTO Poker: basic rules, distinctive features, and winning strategy

GTO Poker requires a balanced range of actions that allow gamblers to lead a profitable game

What is GTO Poker? The Game Theoretical Optimum concept is based on research by John Forbes Nash, who is not a professional gambler. Nash was a great mathematician who managed to get the Nobel Prize, even though he suffered from schizophrenia. He proved that if the participants in the game have an ideal strategy, there is a balance between them, no one wins or loses. If one of the opponents changes tactics, he will not be able to increase his win, provided that the other opponents continue to adhere to the optimal line. Subsequently, Nash’s equilibrium was investigated by poker players who created the theory of GTO Poker.

GTO Poker: The Main Advantages

For successful application at the tables, the GTO Poker strategy in poker requires the player to elaborate on each of the playing ranges. Gamblers should pay special attention to the discipline being played because the spectra in tournaments and cash games are quite seriously different from each other. Besides, it will provide:

  • development of thinking in ranges;
  • the most profitable game;
  • development of poker professionalism.

Playing GTO Poker has been a leading trend during the last two years. Despite all the advantages of this strategy, beginners should not try to master it quickly, it would be much more reasonable to spend time studying the basics of the game and effective techniques for operating and adjusting to the opponent. Playing the GTO with weak players has no sense. It deprives gamblers of a serious part of the mathematical expectation. When studying the Nash equilibrium, it is imperative to use special trainer calculator programs.

The Most Interesting Examples of Using

The GTO strategy is the optimal theory of the game, according to which participants play their ranges. GTO players resort to a balanced, mathematically flawless tactic that ignores the opponents’ strategy. The participants should note:

GTO poker
  • When building a strategy for a game with recreational opponents, the players face to extract the maximum EV from each distribution, and not build an unexploited strategy. In such a situation, the use of the GTO ranges will only interfere, significantly reducing their mathematical expectation over a long distance;
  • The GTO strategy in poker opens only to those who are not lazy and spend considerable time in calculating game situations. It is futile to hope to master the Nash balance if users play poker at the gaming tables only;
  • Often, theoretical knowledge is acquired much better if mastered from the experience of people who own it already. Watching live sessions of famous professionals will allow not only looking at high-quality game but also ask a question and get an authoritative comment;
  • The results of many low stakes players are seriously affected by the fact that such users tend to start playing on the GTO as quickly as possible. The most profitable strategy for playing any type of poker is to exploit the opponent’s reaction. It is worth using the GTO only at medium and high bet limits in the game against balanced regulars during preflop.

Another effective way to improve the game is to analyze the game situations in poker trackers like Hold’em Manager 2. Users can open any table at which there is a sufficient selection of hands for opponents, and begin to create a range for each draw line against each of them gradually. This kind of game mechanics is closer to the operational style of the game than to the Poker GTO, but poker coaches recommend it to beginners.