Windows: Calendar

I like my work to have a dense visual surface. Each of these pieces uses many surface design techniques: painting and dyeing, markers, and pastels. The Windows Series consists of built up layers of apartment house windows -- an urban feature – to represent seasons and holidays.  Windows allow us to look both in and out.  Landscape, too, can be inner or outer. September, October, and November reveal the progression of the fall colors. Mr. Dickens’ Christmas is Victorian in hue.  The brightness and order of the surface is belied by the darkness beneath. Hogmanay is New Year’s Eve in Scotland.  All Scottish reserve and dourness is cast off in a drunken revelry wild and often violent. Three pieces represent March.  We are longing for spring, but only see hints of it. Eliot says April is a a cruel month; I say it’s wild and unpredictable. May revels in the fresh exuberance of May in the Midwest.  Tulips, lilacs, forsythia and daffodils are blooming; the trees are in bud and the grass is greening up.  After a long winter, nothing could be more welcome.   June finally bursts into green and a profusion of color. 4th of July in the Graveyard reveals my preoccupation with the Iraq war.



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