In SELF-PORTRAIT I: MOTHER, I am the earth mother: headless, silent, selfless, universal, immovable. In SELF-PORTRAIT II:  A DAUGHTER’S EYES, I am revealed as my daughter saw me as a small child—large head and mouth, wildlywaving arms: all sound and motion.    I am both and neither.  I am mother, daughter and self.  Both these pieces use clothing worn by my mother, my daughter and myself.   They weave together the layers of the generations literally and figuratively. SELF-PORTRAIT : FASHIONISTA makes fun of my complete lack of fashion.  I prefer things not to match!   People often tell me my colors do not “go together.”  Rather than a realistic portrait, it portrays my wackier inner self. All of the fabric in this quilt has been hand dyed using a Japanese process called shibori , a kind of tie dying.  Many of the fabrics are actually my old dishtowels, which I often use in my work.










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